Asserting the significance of an Internet trailblazer
The Situation

The Center for the Digital Future is part of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. For nearly 20 years, the Center’s work with world leaders, leading brands and public and private organizations across nations has uncovered, predicted and shaped the changing role of digital technology and media in our daily lives. Despite delivering the groundbreaking insights on emerging Internet and technology developments, the Center’s brand and visual identity remained centered around an icon of an obsolete cathode ray tub monitor.

The Solution

We worked with the Center to develop and articulate a brand promise grounded in its pioneering track record of discovery at the leading edge of the digital revolution. Captured in the line ‘Illuminating what’s next,’ the Center’s revitalized brand assertion served as the point of departure for our creation of an elegant new visual identity system that timelessly evokes the ubiquity of screens and devices that characterize the current state-of-the art Internet and mobile experience … and the experience of the future.