Strong Cultures = Great Brands

True to our name, we believe that brand and culture are inextricably interwoven and mutually reinforcing elements of business success. 

Organizations that define, implement and sustain them create preference, loyalty and lasting competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We base all of our brand and culture-building work on two principal tenets: Shared Purpose and Ideas + Action.

Calling B.S.: A Five-Part Series

BrandCulture’s thoughts on the conventional wisdom.

Bring + Together

BrandCulture Company brings together the disciplines of brand development and culture building to help companies drive clarity, commitment and results. 


Shared Purpose

Great brands make tough choices. They assert ownership of an idea-a singular, powerful idea—that engages employees and drives customer preference. We call it Shared Purpose:

  • When we talk about Shared Purpose, we’re not talking about snappy taglines, or complex proprietary models.
  • Shared Purpose is a clear definition of value that engages customers and enlists employees.
  • Shared Purpose convinces customers—not just to buy, but to believe.
  • Shared Purpose persuades employees—not just to show up, but to step up.
  • Shared Purpose tells the world—not just what you do, but why you matter.
  • A good business builds a powerful market presence when brand and organizational culture work together in pursuit of Shared Purpose.

Shared Purpose is not the way that traditional firms approach branding, and it’s certainly not a quick fix for tactical-minded marketers. But it’s critical to the long-term success of any business, and it’s what BrandCulture does best.

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Ideas + Action

b+c-thinking-ideas+actionEvery great brand rests on a strong strategic and cultural foundation. But it is effective implementation that brings brands and cultures to fruition and allows them to achieve their full potential.

Effective implementation requires deep experience outside of the boardroom and on the front lines. It requires a keen sensitivity to the constraints imposed by each client’s business and organization. It requires an unflinching, unrelenting, unapologetic attention to detail, because detail is what matters in the real world, and the real world is where brands live or die.

At BrandCulture, we think as much about implementation as we do about strategy, and we’ve built an organization that excels at both.