The One Brand that Breaks All the Rules: Kirkland Signature
March 6, 2009 ‐ 81 comments

What do laundry detergent, French Bordeaux, blue jeans and Martha Stewart have in common?  No, it's not a handy home spun remedy on how to remove wine stains from your pants.  It's that they're all premium products sold under the single, amazingly elastic Costco Kirkland Signature brand.

Kirkland Signature Logo

Anyone who has ever been to a Costco (NASDAQ: COST) warehouse knows Kirkland Signature, the "house brand" first introduced in 1995 and named after original company HQ in Kirkland, Washington.  What is hard to believe is that Kirkland Signature has built its success by violating every rule of consumer packaged goods marketing dreamed up by a starry-eyed MBA or classic brand manager.  Not only is consumer segmentation out -- no need for different Tide, Cheer, Gain, Era, Dreft, and Ivory Snow detergents -- there's no need even for different brands for different products like Duracell, Pringles, Vicks, Pampers, Clairol, etc. (all the foregoing, by the way are separate Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) brands).

Kirkland TunaBumbleBee Tuna

House brands are of course nothing new.  Every grocery store markets its own brand that purports to be "as good as the leading brand."  But Kirkland Signature doesn't strive for parity, it demands superiority.  Here's Costco's own explanation of what it takes to be worthy of the Kirkland Signature imprimatur.  Or take the case of Kirkland Signature canned tuna fish, it not only costs more and is of higher quality than the national brand Bumble Bee, it is actually made by Bumble Bee to compete with their own, inferior national brand! Kirkland Signature paper towels and toilet paper are two of Costco's all time best selling products (that's why they're always located in the farthest reaches of the warehouse, of course), and they consistently perform better than their national counterparts.  Costco does not use product brands to distinguish luxury Kirkland Signature products from the merely high quality.  No Lexus, Toyota and Scion product lines for different types of customers.  Nor are there even tiers of Kirkland Signature: no Kirkland Signature Ultra, Premium or Select.  No Black, Platinum, Gold, Green, Red, and Blue Cards.  The Kirkland Signature brand is a branded house of one.

How does Costco get away with this incomparable elasticity?  If BrandCultureTalk has consistently asserted one thing, it's that great brands make hard choices, and Kirkland Signature is so catholic in its reach that it appears to make no choices at all.  But that's not really the case.  Kirkland Signature does make tough choices, but it does so behind the scenes through unwavering fidelity to quality and value.  For example, Costco also sells more wine than anyone else in the country, despite being restricted by state laws that limit where it can operate.  Costco isn't only the world's largest retailer of high-end wines and spirits, it is in the vanguard in using the Kirkland brand to market premium, super-premium and luxury wines and spirits. Unless you have Costco's perpetual commitment to enhance quality and can leverage huge economies of scale to continually reduce cost, don't aspire to become the next Kirkland Signature brand.

Right next to the bin of 2004 Chateau Margaux for $165 a bottle a savvy shopper may well espy a 2005 Kirkland Signature Margaux for $17.99.  Kirkland Signature Champagne isn't just from Champagne, France, they amazingly use Grand Cru and Premier Cru grapes to make it.  But you wouldn't know it from looking at the label because the Kirkland Signature imprimatur has become so strong that it evidently requires no additional support to bolster its "signature" quality.  Oh, and it costs $24.99.

Such power explains the rush for premium independent brands as valuable as Martha Stewart (NYSE: MSO) , Macallan Whisky (a premium brand that's been around for 300 years) and Starbucks to embrace co-branding with Kirkland Signature to help build their brand equity.  Similarly Costco required Tyson to upgrade the quality of "Tyson Skinless Chicken Breasts" before they earned the right to be "Kirkland Signature Tyson Skinless Chicken Breasts."

Kirkland Macallan

Yet even the elasticity of Kirkland Signature is not infinite, despite its ability to span boat batteries to cashmere sweaters to glucosamine to prime rib.  One Kirkland Signature product the world will never see, no matter how high the quality or fervently coveted:  Kirkland Signature Smokes.

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September 29, 2014 12:26 pm
Costco is doing something right with their Kirkland Signature brand. When I see it, whether on chicken or toilet paper, I know I'm getting a quality product. Now if only the Costcos in Canada could sell high-end wine and spirits, I would love to get my hands on some Kirkland Signature Vodka!
Stu Pidhick
June 1, 2014 1:13 pm
Dear Costco, I recently had a bad experience with one of your products, so I figured my best course of action was to find an article about you on a marketing-themed trade website, not read that article, then post in the comments. Please send me as many free products as possible.
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Tom Levine
August 9, 2013 6:38 pm
Excellent review! I too love the Kirkland Tuna, and this article provides great insight into the reasons. Cited your article in my recipe on my blog, Weightless Space. Thanks much! Sincerely, Tom
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Kristi King
January 16, 2013 10:10 pm
I need to know if the Kirkland brand Chicken Breasts individually wrapped in water and salt have any additives or are from corn fed chickens> this is very important to me for a healthy diet for my health that I am about to imbark on. Please can someone help with the answers> I need to know if these chicken breasts are corn fed. I also want to know what they mean by :Natural: Please help anwers please
Omololu Ayeni
January 4, 2013 4:22 am
Hi, my name is Omololu Ayeni, 44, male, Nigerian, who resides in Aguda, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria. I have been using your white T shirt for over five years now, when my sister (Mrs. Funke Oba) who resides in Canada sent me some immaculate white T shirts. I got married recently and I found out that my wife also use Kirkland Signature products - tissues and drum liner I just found out that you have a whole lot of products available on the Kirkland Signature stable. I just wonder if there could be a business syenergy between us for you to have a presence in Nigeria.
December 5, 2012 2:16 pm
Normaly I like Kirkland products. I was surprized to find one that I don't like--Kirkland Signature Shampoo. As a shampoo it's great. The problem is the overpowering perfumy smell. (sickenly-sweet with bitter undertones) Not only was it horribly strong, I found it impossible to get rid of the smell. It lingered for days. Strong perfumes are a problem for me due to asthma. My asthma is mild, but for some people perfume can be deadly. Have you considere making a perfume free/reduced scent variety? There's a market for it, considering the number of uncented skin care products available. Furthermore, good, inexpensive, unscented shampoos are impossible to find--I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
lynn starkey
November 25, 2012 6:34 am
Why is it, that when Kirkland comes out with a Great Product, they STOP carrying the product? There are 2 products that I enjoyed, 1. Blueberry Pecan Cereal, 2. Innkeepers Bread. I am thinking of Not Buying Kirkland as it may Not Be There the next time I go shopping at Costco. Thank-you
October 1, 2012 5:21 pm
I just had bumble bee tuna for dinner tonight after having strictly Kirkland tuna for the past 6 months. I was shocked by the difference. I actually opened one of the bumble bee can and threw it away because I thought it was bad. I opened a second can and it was just the same. The difference is Kirkland tuna seems to be more fresh and clean. The bumble bee had a darker color and was almost slimy. not as tasty either. I am shocked to read that bumble bee makes Kirkland too. It is a little more expensive at Costco, but the cans are way larger too. It is worth the extra money! I am going to donate the rest of my bumble bee because I have just become too spoiled on their Kirkland line.
September 24, 2012 11:36 am
HEY MORONS. This site has NOTHING to do with Costco. Quit complaining about Costco products *here*, and tell Costco about them.
September 3, 2012 10:53 am
I was disappointed to find that your Toscany Olive oil is now in plastic jars. Please reconsider the use of plastic containers. I did not buy your oil last time because of that. I am afraid that the oil will absorb some of the toxins in the oils that is in when the plastic is made.
August 27, 2012 7:15 am
Why did you stop making your peanut butter. Please reconsider, it was not only cost effective, but the unopened storage and the great natural flavor made it a best buy. Or is it only the MN stores that don't carry it anymore?
August 25, 2012 2:03 pm
P.S. I am a big fan of the Kirkland brand tequila and vokda. The alcohol manager of my local store told me that the tequila is made by Patron and the vodka is Grey Goose. So much on scrimping on quality when you buy the Costco house brand.!
August 25, 2012 2:02 pm
I am both astounded and entertained by the people who are leaving complaints for Costco about "your plastic forks/jeans/coffee/ toilet paper/canned chicken...." Pay attention people. This is an article ABOUT Costco. This website is not affiliated with Costco. If you have problems with Costco products, maybe you should take it up with COSTCO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Or you could continue entertaining me.
July 2, 2012 7:25 pm
I have used the kirkland clear plastic ware for several events, for several years. I now have hundreds of spoons and forks, and long out of knives. where I come from we use fork, knife, spoon. I now need at least 400 knives. where can I find these?
June 28, 2012 10:13 am
PLEASE! Get the MSG and "natural flavors" and all the other synonymical additives, hydrolyzed and otherwise, out of Kirkland products! Not only is MSG addictive (a la "bet you can't eat just one!"), it causes obesity. It is fed to baby rats to make them obese so that obesity studies can be done on them! (and we wonder why there is an epidemic of obesity in this country!) And, as an earlier responder wrote, it is neurotoxic in the brain and is at least suspected as a culprit in neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's disease, Parkinson's, etc. and brain tumors. It gives me and at least a half dozen people I know wicked migraine headaches. When I wake up in the morning with my brain feeling like it is vibrating inside my skull, I go back over what I ate the day before. There was always something with "natural flavor" or "MSG" etc. in it, or I had eaten out where the ingredients are not displayed. I recently bought a new brand of pickle relish without checking the label - major error! Why should buying food be hazardous to our health??
Paul Pounder
June 22, 2012 2:43 pm
Extreme Adrenaline Junkies is a supporter of BrandCulture Company :) Great Idea's... plus it just so happens that Extreme has "Randy Kirkland signed", who is in first place in the World's Bronc Back Rodeo division for Canada and USA, Plus ...if he wins this years World Bronc Back in "Las Vegas" this November, He will be the oldest 51 year old rider setting a Guiness World record! Extreme thinks Randy Kirkland should have his name on the Authentic Jeanswear that Extreme purchases and supports Randy with. How about contacting so we can put a final stamp on your Jeanswear :)
carole black
June 14, 2012 7:17 am
we have used your toilet paper for years and would not buy any other brand......however the last time I shopped and bought your brand we found there are less rolls but they are larger (a bit)enough not to fit the toilet paper holder we have, are hard to fit into the regular holder (on the wall) and we would prefer the rolls were the way they were PLEASE return them to the normal size and amount in the package
June 6, 2012 4:51 am
.. .. I meant to say that I joined Costco instead of renewing my Sam's Club membership as I don't like how Walmart and Sam's treat their workers .. amongst other complaints.
June 6, 2012 4:49 am
I joined Costco recently due to the fact that 1) I don't want to support it and Walmart but mainly because 2)I saw that the Kirkland Signature brands are environmentally friendly but most of all, are not tested on animals. I bought the shampoo and conditioner which smell great but also I found require less product to get the job done and my hair looks great.
christina howard
May 31, 2012 9:56 pm
the toilet paper i am very dissatisfied with not only did it change from paper to plastic but the rolls are now bigger and dont fit in the disspenser on my wall and i had to get a free standing one to put the roll on and it also seems that i am going thru the toilet paper much faster then usual, i want my old costco TP back
Taryl French
April 26, 2012 8:06 am
I also would like to complain about the 13 gal drawstring kitchen bags. I am so irritated! My garbage can says 13 gal and the trash bags say 13 gal, but the bags immediately slide into the can the second you throw anything in it! The last box I bought of these bags was great because they stretched and stayed put around the rim of the can. This new box, with the exact same packaging, that even claims to have "SmartFit drawstring - stretches to fit the can" printed on it, does NOT stay put! I have five little kids in my house and when the liner slides down in the can, they don't much care, and toss the garbage in anyway. So you can imagine the messes I've had to clean up. Anyway, usually I'm satisfied with the kirkland brand, but not on this product. I really wish I could return these bags and get the ones like I got last time I bought these. :(
Ed Caras
April 18, 2012 6:33 pm
I am writing to complain about your 13 Gal Drawstring Kitchen Bags UPC 96619 50787 Item 50787. These bags used to be fantastic but lately I have found they have been cheapend in that it is difficult to open them up when you tear one off the roll and the drawstrings just do not work properly. The plastic appears to be of an inferior texture.
April 8, 2012 9:06 am
Costco is on our "must live near" list. Great savings and great Kirkland Signature products. Their Nature's Domain dog food is a high quality kibble that compares to any of the high end healthy competitors and with two big dogs the cost savings of $500 annually on dog food alone speaks volume. We buy Kirkland Signature brands over any national brand in any category....... Awesome!
April 6, 2012 4:06 pm
Regarding this comment: Pam // Mar 15, 2012 at 12:08 pm Why did Kirkland switch from paper to plastic to wrap the toilet tissue. Not a smart move. Paper is more recyclable. +++++++++++++++++++ Kirkland toilet paper used to be made in Everett, WA and when it was, it came wrapped in tissue paper. The plant that produced it employed 0ver 800 mostly union jobs and was owned by Kimberley Clark. The plant lost the contract for the tissue (and Kirkland paper towels). The plant was put of for sale, but no buyer was found and it is slated for full closure on April 15, 2012. A huge loss for Everett, WA and a gain for another city. Does anyone know where the tissue is produced now (and packed in plastic)? By the way, the Everett plant that will close is about 40 miles from Costco headquaters in WA state.
April 6, 2012 6:00 am
I love Costco. I have several friends that work there. They are members of the teamsters union (but not all stores are). They have good living pay (both recently purchased a home) benefits, working conditions, and job security. I like Costco for not trying to break the unions like every single major grocery store in our are has repeatedly tried to do over the past 25 years. Costco PROVES you CAN have unionized, well-paid employees and STILL offer the public exceptional deals on high-quality products. I shop for what I can there. Walmart can kiss my left ovary.
March 29, 2012 11:52 am
I'm looking at Kirkland Signature daily Multi - ingredients; do you mfg with B-12's other type; i.e. methylcobalamin? Thanks! TH
March 15, 2012 12:08 pm
Why did Kirkland switch from paper to plastic to wrap the toilet tissue. Not a smart move. Paper is more recyclable.
February 17, 2012 2:48 pm
I’ve been a Costco member for about 20 years and have purchased Kirkland toilet paper ever since. I believe price and quality is much better than any other store and brand. If money saving was not my object I would have bought Charmin toilet paper. I agree, we would save money if we use less Charmin toilet paper but who uses “LESS”. My kids won’t use them as they would use Kirkland or any other toilet paper.
February 16, 2012 12:21 pm
Jim, your comment is from a while ago so you've probably already figured this out, but there was a shortage of kona everywhere last year, I think because of weather in Hawaii. I had the same problem. Hoping to find it again soon!
January 1, 2012 9:59 am
i do like costco but one thing i find really annoying is shopping and finding a name brand product like RICE DREAM a product i know and trust it is always there and the price is better than let say Trader Joes...then all of a sudden it has been replaced by there own kirkland brand whats up with that? I bought it there because it was a name brand that i was used to and it was an excellent all they carry is there knockoff brand ....that really turns me off ...they do it with a lot of the name brands they carry day you go shopping for those name brands and ,,,oh oh ...its now kirkland ..why dont they just continue with the name brands!!!!! I find that very annoying!!!!!!!!!
December 24, 2011 4:09 am
I had bought the 6pk Kirkland Mens Briefs. I have o say that after wearing Stafford for a while that Kirkland is the generic substitue and they are not much different. they both are very comfortable, extreamly soft, and durable. Plus the cost is outstanding. I paid 9.99 for a pack of 6 briefs and usually a J.C. Pennys I pay almost 20 some dollars for a pack of six. I would recommend these to any man.
December 24, 2011 4:09 am
I had bought the 6pk Kirkland Mens Briefs. I have o say that after wearing Stafford for a while that Kirkland is the generic substitue and they are not much different. they both are very comfortable, extreamly soft, and durable. Plus the cost is outstanding. I paid 9.99 for a pack of 6 briefs and usually a J.C. Pennys I pay almost 20 some dollars for a pack of six. I would recommend these to any man.
December 6, 2011 3:35 pm
I bought a Kirkland Signature Musical Waterglobe with Revolving Base item number 109619. It is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. It recenlty broke and I would love to have another one. Is it possible to get this item still?
December 5, 2011 5:28 pm
Tim.....the milk containers were changed because that container can be palletized rather than coming in on a rolling rack like they used to carry. It cuts down on the handling necessary to keep the milk instock and the overstock can be put up into the steel racking in the dairy cooler rather than clogging up the whole floor that has to be moved to stock the rest of the cooler twice a day. It is all about cost savings and once you learn how to pour it correctly you wil love it. Do not pick up the jug like you normally would, but tip it forward using the specially beveled front corner of the container and it will pour fine.
December 5, 2011 5:22 pm
One correction....the paper towels and toilet paper are located at the back of the warehoue for one simple reason....they arrive by the truckload and are bulk stocked meaning less trips in and out of the shipping dock. This move was made when a manager watched numerous forklifts doing a full run from the front of the warehouse where the paper goods used to be stocked, all the way to the loading dock with no load. This was a waste of time and money so they moved them to the back of the warehouse. I am a former eight year employee with Costco and was there when the move was made. In fact the only reason I don't still work for them is that I moved to a town where there is no Costco. I regularly make the 2 1/2 hour drive to my closest warehouse to stock up though. Costco Rocks!!!!
December 5, 2011 11:49 am
So very true about Kirkland Tuna. If I go to Costco for one thing, it will be the tuna. You would be hard pressed to find another can with actual SOLID tuna that you have to pull out of the can. I've bought it for years and truly hope they don't stop stocking it.
December 4, 2011 7:10 am
Because the Kirkland paper towel was so sturdy I started using it as a "tissue" during heavy allergy times. I developed a bad rash on the lower part of my face. I didn't make the connection until "allergy time" passed - I stopped using the paper tower as tissue 0 but rash returned with next time of usage. Having stopped the use of the paper towel as a tissues substitute - there is no more problem with a rash. However I stopped usage altogether when I realized the connection between the paper towel and and the rash on my hands!! Definitely not a safe (or superior) product to use!!
October 18, 2011 1:24 pm
Did any one knows if Kirkland Organic tortilla chips are non GMO? Is my undertanding that most of corn crops in US are Genenic Modifity.
September 18, 2011 3:15 am
The Kirklnd tuna might be more expensive, but the taste is so much better than Bumble Bee. Bumble Bee tuna is little flakes in alot of water. Kirkland is HUGE flakes, and very little water. You get more tuna and you actually feel like you are eatingfish, not cat food.
September 1, 2011 3:05 pm
some of the comments to this expertly written blog are rip-roaring crazy. i haven't laughed this hard in a long time. almost better than the When Parents Text website.
Ellen Ferguson
August 22, 2011 9:19 am
Thanks you or providing products with healthier ingredients, no artificial sugars, etc. I see this more and more in Kirkland products in Costco. Thank you again.
August 2, 2011 10:05 am
I always say God bless costco what do we do without Costco
Tim Long
July 8, 2011 5:47 am
I love Kirkland brands and buy whenever possible. Bought milk in these new gallon containers last night at Costco in Bufford, GA. THAT IS THE DUMBEST CONTAINER CHANGE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY 48 YEARS OF LIFE. I WILL NEVER BUY THAT AGAIN. NOT SURE WHAT IN THE CRAP THAT IS ABOUT BUT PLEASE CHANGE BACK TO THE TRADITIONAL GALLON JUGS.
WT Fischer
June 28, 2011 10:57 am
I am a member living in Colorado Springs and I have noticed something about you trash bags, specifically the 13 gallon variety. They used to fit quite snug'ly, but with the latest version I have had more trouble getting it on the trash bin without ripping a hole in the bag. Have you made changes in the thickness and in the size of your bags.
June 24, 2011 10:50 am
I find that if you see something at Costco you better get it or the next time you go in it will not be there. Yeah, I know about the seasonal thing but it seems the buyers do a one time buy. I spent a 5 yr stint at the Depot so I know how that works. I love Kona coffee I got hooked on it while in Maui Costco had it and never reorder it if I had know it was a one time buy I would have bought the whole dang pallet.
June 16, 2011 8:17 am
I am seriously affected by the Costco Effect Syndrome--I go to the store for toilet paper and always walk out with something else. That may change. Costco has let me down; they have betrayed my trust where it counts the most. The quality of Kirkland Brand toilet tissue has diminished so far in the past few purchases that it no longer is suitable for the intended job. It disintegrates upon contact with liquid / semi-liquid and leaves one with a sodden mass of tissue crumbs. Quality counts, and this is no longer quality. Toilet paper may be the tipping point in the decision to keep or abandon our COSTCO membership.
June 13, 2011 10:12 am
Kirkland, Your Smart Fit Gripping Drawstring Garbage bags... are garbage... stop spending the money on making the drawstring... it doesn't work!!!!! notice how glad's drawstring bags actually close the bag? and yours don't do anything at all but have resistance against the bag?
May 13, 2011 9:56 am
Hi, Bought Kirkland signature filofax A4 some time back. Where, oh where, can I buy refills, PLEASE. Have trawled the net and can not find anywhere. Am desperate and do not want to buy another, it is a respectable leather casing. Many, many thanks. (Even more thanks if you can solve the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
March 26, 2011 9:26 pm
Any idea what company makes the Kirklan Signature non-iron shirts? Dyin' to know!
March 18, 2011 11:48 pm
To Julia: I hope you get this if you're still looking for the "Musical Water Globe Item # 109619" . I was searching Google because I have one, box still unopened, and was going to sell it. You can contact me by leaving a comment on my blog (to avoid spam mail) . Amy =]
February 19, 2011 8:46 am
My wife has a Costco card and we shop there often. The Kirkland products are the best if you want great quality and no bad additives. I wish they sold a good tasting breakfast bran flakes that did not have high fructose corn syrup in it but has high doses of vitamins like Total has. In other words, Total without high fructose corn syrup. I can't seem to find that product at my local food stores. The only bran flakes I see at Costco are raisin bran, and I don't like raisins with my bran flakes. I found bran flakes at my local natural foods store, but they tasted like cardboard.
December 9, 2010 5:28 pm
Hello Julia, We received the following note from Doug: I’m trying to reply to Julia re: Kirkland WaterGlobe (see above link Nov.27 – at bottom of page) see screen shot. I have the WaterGlobe she is looking for ( Craigslist
November 27, 2010 11:49 am
I need your help! My son passed away 4 years ago and I purchased Kirkland Water Globes in his memory for my family members, since he loved the one I bought for him right before he passed. I need to find one to replace one of my other son's, but can't seem to find them anywhere. Does Kirkland still make them and/or does anyone have one to sell? Musical Water Globe Item # 109619 Thanks!
Stan Helm
November 26, 2010 5:47 pm
This may sound trivial to you, but I have used your Kirkland brand of toilet paper for years, and the last multi=roll I bought from Costco is so annoying. It won't tear at the perforations. It's a mess. Like tearing toilet paper at Wal-Mart restrooms, if you know what I mean. Just wanted to let you know. Think I will try the other brand offered at Costco....
November 9, 2010 12:04 pm
Hello Darlene. Thanks for the comment. We regret that you were disappointed with the Seasoned Chicken Breast Meat, but there is no affiliation between BrandCulture Talk and Costco. If you would like to convey your concerns, perhaps the following link will provide an appropriate contact:
Darlene Fallow
November 9, 2010 11:38 am
I recently bought your canned Seasoned Chicken Breast Meat in water. I bought 6 cans. The weight on the can said 354 g. The size of the can looked huge so I expected a lot of meat in it. I was shocked to see how much space water took up. I drained the water off (but did not squeeze any water out of the meat) and then weighted the actual meat that I was getting. Imagine how shocked I was to find out that the meat weighted only 210. I paid for 144 g of water! I never expected that if a can of chicken said it contained 354 g more than 1/3rd of that weight would be water. I am very disappointed with the deception of this product. Darlene
Melissa D
September 23, 2010 3:31 am
Hi, I buy Kirkland all natural laundry soap and dish detergent. They are plant based with no sls. These products work very well and the price is unbeatable. All natural is expensive, but not with Kirkland. I only hope they will produce more all natural products such as shampoo, body soap, toothpaste and grain free cat food. I also purchase Kirkland toilet paper, paper towel and canned chicken and love them. Again the price is unbeatable. When in Costco I look for more products made buy Kirkland because I am impressed with quality and price so far and feel confident other products made by Kirkland will be of "name brand" quality at a much lower cost.
Rorxanne McGrath
July 9, 2010 12:32 pm
Hello, I have been buying "Kirkland signiture Crystal clear cutlery' from Costco for many years, and was wondering why you only put 60 pcs of knives in the box? I would like to have more, is there any way possible I could order a box of Knives only? Thanks
Kimberly Levin
May 27, 2010 12:34 pm
is there any other store that has this product?? I am not a member of Costco, so maybe another store may have this.
The Joe Donatelli Column » Blog Archive » Always be prepared
May 18, 2010 12:55 pm
[...] a few years ago, because like all men, I am slowly turning into my dad. I call these jeans my Kirkland Signature jeans. Standing next to my car, where only the neighbor’s horses could see me, I stripped [...]
Alfred Chompff
March 16, 2010 8:41 pm
I have a great need for Kirkland Signature Fruitcakes. Whenever I eat those fruitcakes my restless leg problems vanish. Please tell me where I can buy more.
February 26, 2010 12:01 am
I have been lo0oking for Kirkland Signature Environmentally Friendly Multi-Purpose Cleaner. It was introduced along with with several other "Environmentally Friendly products (dishwasher soap, laundry detergent, etc)." I bought a gallon container about three months ago and have been impressed with its cleaning power and versatility of use. However, it appears it is no longer carried at the Chico Costco and the employees I've asked about it are unsure if they will restocked. Does anyone know if Costco has stopped marketing this product.
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Remains the Hospitality Brand to Beat
February 3, 2010 12:24 pm
[...] we remind you of the diverse businesses and branding practices we’ve extolled including Costco, USAA, Thule, KitchenAid Mixers, Verizon, Johnny Walker,  Scion, Microsoft, (well, in fairness, [...]
Nick Bosco
February 3, 2010 8:48 am
I am concerned with additives like "natural flavor, autolyzed yeast extract, and there are many more in various Kirkland S. food products. As far as I can tell from researching these additives is that they contain MSG which contains d-glutamate which crosses the blood-brain barrier and will stimulate neuro receptors in the brain. Stimulation continues sometimes until cell death due to the neuropathway gate being blocked from closing naturally. This is how addiction happens and that is exactly why these flavor enhancers are put in these foods. There are many negative health effects when these additives are ingested, short and long term, and developing children are especially vulnerable. Aspartame, Phenylkurtonics, Msg, artificial food coloring, and many more are slowly poisoning you and your loved ones. Take these harmful products out of our food. Looks like KS needs to step it up another notch if it really wants to set itself apart from the rest.
Jeff S.
December 16, 2009 10:40 pm
Rita, You can join. Anyone can. Just walk in and tell them you're here to join.
Rita Banks
November 8, 2009 3:39 pm
I am very much interested to know where I can purchase "Kirkland Signature Jpanese green Tea" .I do not have amembership to Costco. Is it distributed to other shops? Oakville or Mississauge , Ont. is the area I can search for this product. Thank you, Rita
steve esposito
October 31, 2009 8:39 pm
I've been buying Kirkland brand products for many years, and find their quality and price to be unbeatable. Thank you Costso for saving me thousands of dollars yet providing superb products!
Richard Balsley
October 10, 2009 2:23 am
Michelle, maybe we should get them to take the chlorine out of table salt while they're at it as well. I mean, after all, the appeal of salt is the sodium, not the chlorine that's bound to it to make the mineral.
Michelle Dastrup
October 8, 2009 5:32 pm
Please take Sucralose out of The Kirkland bran Vita-Rain and Use Steiva because Sucralose contains Chlorinated table sugar
John Crook
August 8, 2009 6:16 pm
Need replacement nylon weels for the spill tray on my Kirkland BBQ, can you direct me to the source.
May 28, 2009 11:39 am
wow! I've been a Costco shopper for a good 12-15 years and never thought of the Kirkland brand being anything but the house brand that was intended for those willing to sacrifice a little less in quality to save a few pennies! Maybe Costco needs to give all it's shopper's a "free" trial to get them hooked.
March 15, 2009 8:10 pm
Great idea for a post. It is impressive that Kirkland Signature manages to stand for something as broad as "quality" across a wide swath of product categories. I'm still left wondering why Costco made the decision to use one brand name across the board, however.
March 8, 2009 9:59 pm
This entry was very thought provoking. I always assumed the Kirkland brand was the cheapest, maybe not with wine, but definitely wouldn't have noticed the tuna prices probably. And, I'm likely not the only one who thinks this.
Cruella da Villey
March 6, 2009 3:00 pm
Oh, blogger, you have made CostCo brands seem even more desirable than I felt they were. I think one aspect of CostCo's continued success is that it's employees are well treated. You see lots of smiles and good natured responses in their stores from coast-to-coast. And you, blogger, are the J. Gettleman of blogging.

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