Helping a leader build stronger partnerships
The Situation

Srixon | Cleveland Golf | XXIO, owned by athletics equipment giant Dunlop Sports, brings together two of the top brands in golf. But with one of those brands a relative newcomer to the sport, the other known best for a single line of hard goods and massive advertising spend by the category leader, the company needed to find a cost-efficient way to improve results. Consulting with the firm’s top management, BrandCulture realized that the untapped opportunity lay in better channel relationships.

The Solution

Working in close concert with executive and field sales teams, BrandCulture designed and refined a number of partner programs built to deliver mutual benefits to Srixon | Cleveland Golf | XXIO and its underleveraged channel—golf pros selling equipment at public courses and private clubs. We then conceived, designed and programmed a full-service partner portal and a variety of multimedia assets, giving partners a single, central, easily-accessible place to learn about—and sign up for—all of the value-added programs that Srixon | Cleveland Golf | XXIO has to offer them.