Demonstrating how thousands have traded life on the streets for permanent homes for over 20 years
The Situation

Skid Row Housing Trust is a pioneering non-profit developer of urban properties. It uses a singularly effective model to free chronically homeless individuals from life on the streets of Los Angeles for good by providing high quality homes along with in-residence physical and mental health services and counseling. The Trust had historically funded its development and operations through developer tax credits that were increasingly unavailable following the crash in commercial and residential construction and needed to adopt new avenues of outreach to continue the effectiveness of its work serving the largest homeless population in the United States.

The Solution

We helped the Trust reposition its brand to capitalize on success it achieved through innovative public/private partnerships. We then conceptualized, created and implemented an events and public relations campaign to help build awareness of the Trust’s mission and achievements and to create greater synergy among its 20th anniversary gala, the grand opening of the stunning new Carver Apartment Towers and the groundbreaking for the Trust’s latest developments.