Building a venture capital brand on the value of ideas
The Situation
Rustic Canyon Partners, one of the largest venture capital firms in Southern California, orchestrated a major leadership succession and was preparing to raise a new fund. The firm wanted to assert a presence that would not only confirm its continuity, but signal its evolution as an even stronger investment partner to entrepreneurs, LPs and potential co-investors.
The Solution

In an environment where investors often find themselves competing to provide funding to high-visibility startups, BrandCulture worked with Rustic Canyon to help the firm create early relationships with the most promising entrepreneurs. Drawing on the new leadership team’s investment hypotheses and placing the impact of its work in a broader context, we created a brand platform, identity and digital presence that defined the firm’s relevance in the startup landscape, asserted its value in helping great ideas have real impact and celebrated the potential of passionate entrepreneurs—not just to create business value, but to change the world.