Launching the next big thing in wind energy
The Situation
Materia, a specialty chemicals and materials firm founded to commercialize a Nobel Prize-winning catalyst technology, had achieved considerable success in the pharmaceutical, materials and renewables industries through a series of licensing and joint venture agreements. Using its catalyst, the firm had discovered a new thermoset resin with the even greater potential to make the composite materials used in wind turbines stronger, cleaner and cheaper—and to make wind-generated power more reliable and more affordable for everyone. With this new material, the firm was on the verge of explosive new growth, but it needed a positioning and identity platform for this new product that would simultaneously interest potential investors and attract prospective customers in a variety of countries.
The Solution

Through internal and external stakeholder research, we discovered that while the customer cost of evaluating materials was high, so too was skepticism about purely academic innovation. As a result, we developed a brand positioning that presented this new material’s game-changing benefits in familiar terms, presenting it as the next generation material for an industry that was accustomed to the performance—and limitations—of traditional epoxy-based composites. With the positioning defined, we created a new name—Proxima—identity and set of sales and marketing materials that not only captured and expressed the brand’s positioning clearly, it resonated clearly with audiences all over the globe.