Revitalized Guest and Crew Experience
Through Shared Purpose

For more than 50 years, Princess Cruises has earned a reputation for service excellence, and with a 17- ship and growing fleet, Princess has become one of the largest and most celebrated premier cruise lines in the world. Princess Cruises has used its CRUISE Program to educate and motivate employees to deliver the company’s hallmark friendly, personalized service. But great service has become the rule rather than the exception across hospitality. Guests now seek experiences that go beyond a genuine smile or a warm welcome greeting. Senior Leadership also recognized that over time the program became complicated by shifting priorities and lost its original focus.

Princess Cruises engaged BrandCulture to revitalize the program with a new set of priorities and a modern, professional new look, but before addressing the CRUISE program, Princess recognized that it needed to first articulate the company’s Shared Purpose in clear, convincing language accessible to the eighty nationalities working across the Princess fleet.

We found a universal belief and understanding across roles and responsibilities at Princess that it is a company that cares – both for guests as well as their crew. This signature Princess service “from the heart” was a key component, but so to0 was the impressive number and range of ports throughout the globe where Princess sails every day. This combination of global discovery in an environment of true kinship keeps guests coming back cruise after cruise, year after year. Honing this idea to its foundation resulted in this final language for the Princess Cruises Shared Purpose:

“To share our world, share our hearts and create lasting memories.”


With the new Shared Purpose in place and the existing Princess Cruises Core Values we began developing the new CRUISE program. The revitalized Princess CRUISE Program provides guidance and training to encourage employees to work together to go above and beyond to deliver memorable vacation experiences that guests remember long after they return home. Along with creating a new CRUISE logo, we introduced a new visual language for the program that extends across a mix of communication and learning tools that supported a global launch initiative on Princess Cruises ships around the world.

We created a series of six new CRUISE Service Essentials with corresponding icons to help inspire the behaviors the crew needs to remember every day to continue to reflect the company’s Core Values and strive to achieve the Shared Purpose.

We introduced a brand book that united the new Shared Purpose, Core Values and Service Essentials into a compilation expressing the essence of the Princess Cruises brand.

We designed a companion book entitled “Memorable Moments” that conveys a collection of actual stories reflective of how the Princess Cruises team goes “above and beyond” to create lasting memories for each Princess Cruises guest.

We also developed the following animated video to help capture true “above and beyond” moments in a way that was whimsical, fun and memorable.


We began an environmental system in the form of a series of posters to help communicate the message of the Shared Purpose, Core Values and the new CRUISE program both to the team shore side and on the ships.

We introduced all of these communications in a global launch event on all 17 ships and presented the details of the new program in the form of a video to the crew.


We created a series of awards that are now given out to employees who represent excellence in going above and beyond the call of duty and/or going out of their way to create memorable moments for Princess guests.

Finally, we produced an anthem for the company to help further articulate and celebrate the new Princess Cruises Shared Purpose. The anthem is now played at sail away and before embarkation on each voyage to encourage and help motivate the crew.


The launch event on each ship was recognized and celebrated by senior leadership who encouraged crewmembers to embrace the company’s new Shared Purpose and ideals of the new CRUISE program.