One Earnest Brand: Leavitt Delivers
November 24, 2008 ‐ 1 comment

We’d never advocate anything other than leaving branding to the professionals, but we do have to admit that it’s nice to see organizations succeed in building strong brands and cultures without outside help.

One company that is getting this right is The Leavitt Group. Leavitt is 46-year-old multi-line network of insurance agencies that has grown to 115 locations, and has reached annualized premium revenues of $1.3 billion.

Leavitt’s brand promise, Protecting Your Business, Protecting Your Way of Life, is as meaningful to employees and agency partners as it is to customers. This line is the type of concise articulation of a singular idea that all consultants strive for – an expression that encapsulates the essence of the business from the inside out; that engages employees, partners, and customers alike.

But what truly sets The Leavitt Group apart is its delivery on its brand promise. Leavitt is a business comprised of people who return phone calls and provide the type of high-touch customer service that makes local businesses competitive – all while running one of the nation’s largest insurance brokerages.

Where Leavitt Was... ...Where Leavitt Is Going

Yet the group’s continued growth and its expansion into increasingly larger metropolitan areas raise questions as to how the company will be able to translate its Cedar City, Utah roots to a broader stage. If Leavitt sticks to the values on which it was founded, it will no doubt succeed in evolving its brand and extending its culture for another 46 years of even greater success.

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