Branding a technology that creates a hospitality advantage
The Situation

LeisureLink had been developing software that automated manual tasks and simplified online sales and marketing for small and boutique lodging properties for five years. The company had developed a powerful new revenue management technology that didn’t just streamline tasks – it had the potential to level the real-time pricing playing field with the world’s largest lodging operators. LeisureLink sought help not just launching this new product, but using the new product to help energize its brand.

The Solution

While the new revenue management software provided sophisticated new pricing capabilities, the product’s true power was realized in conjunction with LeisureLink’s distribution tools. As a result, we created a brand for the entire platform of technologies, encapsulating a more compelling value proposition for clients and encouraging the sale of solutions rather than products. The name, identity and digital presence for Marketspan create a bold assertion of the technology’s broad ability to help independent properties not just address the entire market, but compete in it.