Communicating culinary innovation and elegance within a historic Chicago landmark
The Situation

Lockwood Restaurant, located in the historic Palmer House Hilton of Chicago, is the perfect destination for farm-to-table cuisine in an elegant environment. It’s world-class chefs, inventive designers and exceptional servers share both a bold vision and a dedication to their craft, collectively creating a concert for the senses. The cuisine—fresh, innovative, and unforgettable—is the centerpiece. Lockwood’s elegant yet intimate ambience invites people-watching and cozy conversation in equal measure and the warm and professional staff curate their service for a truly outstanding dining experience: sometimes arch, always thoroughly modern, but never precious or intimidating. Seasonal offerings are prepared simply to showcase unsurpassed freshness and the favorite flavors in Lockwood’s many dishes and drinks are re-imagined in entirely unexpected ways.  

The Solution

BrandCulture Company helped Lockwood develop its brand definition and statement of shared purpose—as well as its name, identity system, employee training tools, and launch communication systems. Its brand promise: “The entirely uncommon. Delivered daily.” serves  as a guide for the story that conveys  the inspiration, the passion, and the drive to innovate that make Lockwood unique.

The golden fingerprint included throughout Lockwood’s visual identity takes Bertha Palmer’s favorite flower, the pink rose, and recasts it as a mark of honor: a symbol of craftsmanship, innovation and exquisite taste. Just as Bertha and her family—including her younger brother, Lockwood, for whom our restaurant is named—put their marks of keen taste and forward-thinking innovation on the city of Chicago, so at Lockwood, the artist crafts the dining experience, marking it with elegance, inventiveness, warmth, and welcome.