Bringing clarity to the complexity of Enterprise Content Management
The Situation
For decades, Laserfiche has transformed corporate and government workflows by automating traditional paper-based protocols. Because of the sophistication of Laserfiche solutions, however, explaining how ECM would make life far easier, rather than more complex proved a persistent challenge. In particular, the ability to highlight unique benefits to specific clients varied considerably across the company’s sales force. Executive leadership tapped the BrandCulture team to take the guesswork out of sales presentations and institutionalize a consistent experience and greater understanding.
The Solution

Using step-by-step information design and compelling infographics, BrandCulture helped structure the Laserfiche ECM process into easily understood modules that dramatized the benefits of the company’s “Agile ECM” approach vs. traditional processes—all presented in the company’s proprietary visual language and color palette. Augmenting the design with a universal sales script, the sales force was able to engage and enlist prospects with a newly powerful articulation of the Laserfiche difference before delving more specifically into customized solutions applicable to each client situation.