Is Pink the New Green?
January 19, 2011 ‐ 0 comments

Another dispatch from our man on the Continent, this time probing deeply into…refuse bins?

Two things caught our eye about this recycling container:

1. The color pink. In ruminating on the future of green branding we highlighted ENFO’s print pieces. While the series uses a number of colors, pink is the one the design agency exhibits most prominently on their own website. Since last June, seaside Spanish town Vilanova i la phentermine Geltrú’s garbage and recycling services, of which the container above is one apparatus, have used pink prominently on bins and collection vehicles in this “gràcies” system. Only two isolated data points, but is the color pink becoming code for environmentally-friendly?

2. Interesting design in an interesting place. While this system isn’t timeless and might even be a bit of a mash-up, it is definitely unexpected and attention-getting. To see a private organization with a municipal client willing to entertain and implement risky design across 1900 containers, 13 trucks, 3 vehicles and 30,000 tri-fold brochures warms our hearts, gives us hope and renews our resolve to present our clients with design solutions that push them out of their comfort zones. If your Catalan is up to scratch, .

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