Developing a brand for orchestrating Big Data across the Internet of Everything
The Situation

Founded in 2011 by a highly talented group of MIT, Google and McKinsey alums, Mission Control Technologies’ enterprise data management technology was beginning to get real traction in the market. But the company was having difficulty tightening its value proposition, and wanted to explore the merits of evolving beyond its deliberately retro name and identity.

The Solution

The company partnered with BrandCulture Company to help it craft a clear and concise value proposition communicating not just what the technology can do, but how it can change the way leaders and teams work. We positioned the brand around a powerful Shared Purpose, summed up in the call to action: “Unlock Your Data’s Power. Unleash Your Potential.” From that platform, we created the name Conduce, from the Latin for leading together, and a distinctive visual identity system that we extended across the brand’s complete print and online presence.