Community Naming Fail: Allow Myself to Introduce Myself
March 25, 2010 ‐ 1 comment
Moving office has kept us from keeping up with our beloved blog as much as we would like, but we couldn't postpone calling out this naming disconnect that we noticed at a bus stop this morning: The City of Culver City? Maybe destination branding wisdom in 1917 differed from what's hot now, but you'd think that sometime in the last 93 years it might have occurred to the powers that be in Culver City that their seal might be repetitive as well as redundant, not to mention repetitious. Now, for all we know the City of Culver City is legally unable to change its name, or required to use the word 'City' twice in its formal appellation, but that's besides the point. The city, or one of its departments, decided to put their awkwardly-phrased seal at a bus stop – rather than a more reader-friendly sign – and that was an error in communication. Whether you're a business, a product or a city, every time you put your name out in public, you're creating a brand impression. So why not take a few minutes to make sure it's a non-laughable one?
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