Branding Local Businesses: Keep It Relevant!
July 22, 2011 ‐ 1 comment

Enjoying a delicious chocolate croissant recently, we noticed that one of our local bakeries is putting a tagline on their wrapping paper:Ceoec

Pastry wrapped in a tagline? Now there’s something we can’t help but sink our teeth into…

“El seu forn de confiança” translates to “Your trusted bakery.” While we can’t speak for all of Forn de Aureli’s customers, we’ll bet a 500-gram millefeuille that they’re more interested in taste, freshness and price than in trust.

Consumers want to trust their bankers. They want to trust their insurance agents. They want to trust their neurosurgeons. They don’t want to have to trust their bakeries. Trust may be something different than what other bakeries put on their wrappers, but it’s not going to help this one move any extra éclairs.sinopsis film

Owners of small and local businesses take note – if you’re going to bother to make a specific value proposition, make sure it’s one that aligns with the value people want from your product or service. Don’t make a positive but generic promise – think hard about what it is your customers crave on an emotional level and then think even harder about a creative way to communicate it.

For a bakery it might be something like simple pleasure, or (depending on the product) decadent delight or any number of other things. It doesn’t require a tagline; it could be intimated in the packaging design and materials, in the bakery’s physical space, even in the clothes worn by the staff. It’s limited only by what customers want and the businesses’ creativity. But it absolutely, positively isn’t trust.


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July 22, 2011 10:22 am
Wait, there are bakeries around here that I can't trust? Maybe I'll just wait and eat in the next town over. Doesn't just apply to small businesses, either...

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