Jamie Warden

Senior Developer

A coder since the age of 16, Jamie considers his work with an almost flawless technical precision and a level of elegance and sophistication befitting of Brandculture and our clients. He transitions flawlessly between front and back end development systems, a rare find in the industry! Fluent in HTML5, CSS2/3 w/SASS, Javascript w/jQuery, mySQL and PHP, Jamie has been a key asset in our development of sites for Tiburon, Cleveland Golf, and most recently Groovv. 

With a BA in Film and Video Production from Penn State University and years of experience in film, tv, video, and industrial production alongside such companies as MTV, VH1, and CBS, Jamie’s multi-talents speak to a general concern for the inner workings and fine mechanical details that can (and under his watch will) ensure a project’s solid aesthetic and overall success.  

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