2011: The Year Green Branding Comes of Age?
January 3, 2011 ‐ 1 comment
Welcome back loyal readers. We hope you all sent 2010 out with a bang, and enjoyed a restful and restorative start to the new year. Now let's get to it, shall we? We recently saw these nicely designed pieces on climate change and it got us to thinking - will 2011 be the year it's finally possible to look 'green' without using green? For a decade, the relative newness of the concept of 'green' has limited us to a fairly narrow range of color (green, obviously, and it's okay to use some blue to help it pop); imagery (pastoral landscapes and herbivores are best); and fonts (absolutely, positively no serifs ever) that had to communicate our clients' environmental credentials instantly and overtly. But when everyone is racing to out-green each other, slapping a photo of a duck on your packaging may no longer be enough to stand out. (Though it looks like 556,240 purchasers of Dawn dish soaps cared enough to read the find print and see that the promised donation was not automatic - it had to be activated online.) And as awareness of climate change becomes nearly universal (82% awareness in the US according to 2009 data), will a more nuanced evaluation of environmental communications and efforts follow suit? ENFO, the organization whose pamphlets we call out above, appears to be thinking about these issues in their print pieces, but remains mired in 2006 online: *For the record, the firm that designed the print pieces above tells us that they had nothing to do with this website, and we believe them As claims of being green become increasingly commoditized and visually indistinct, it's up to marketers and agencies to  find new, more creative and more substantive ways of communicating environmental responsibility efforts, and explaining why they  matter. It's a challenge we look forward to helping our clients solve this year.
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